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Substantive Collection

This is a Collection of information dealing with the substance of the course.

Handbook of procedures relating to international labour Conventions and Recommendations (Rev. 2012)

This Handbook of procedures is an essential tool for best practice in ILS reporting. It is an authoritative description of procedures related to international labour Conventions and Recommendations.

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GB 282/LILS/5 (November 2001)

This Governing Body document describes the history of adjustments made to the reporting system in recent years, and makes recommendations (in 2001) for the recently relevant adjustments.

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Reader's Note (from 2015 CEACR report)

The Reader's Note to the CEACR report has been intended by the Committee to inform readers of the context in which the report is made. That is to say, it gives the background needed to understand better the purpose of the report and the operation of the ILO's supervisory mechanism. This Note is indicative – since they may change from year to year.

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Part IV: Reports on ratified Conventions, of the Handbook of Procedures

This Part IV of the Handbook of Procedures relating to international Labour Conventions and Recommendations is the authoritative text on procedures that are followed in requesting and providing reports on ratified ILO conventions.

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Rules of the Game (2014 edition)

A lay description of the system of international labour standards of the ILO.

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Note on the role of employers' and workers' organisations in the implementation of ILO Conventions and Recommendations

The essential 1987 document on the subject of these organizations role in the implementation of ILO instruments and the meeting of ILO Constitutional obligations.

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